2 weaks baned

any advice how to move from p4 not flaming others and getting second permaban? cause like, i m searchin for the other games, right now, and cant bilive i got baned cause i flamed one game and one person report me xd like now days every kid can ruin your game and also give you a ban. why the hell you think thats good ? i mean... one game one guy (kid) p.s. i jsut spend 100 euro on skins and i m prety sure i planed to spend more, and PRETTY GOD DAMN SURE THAT KID WHO GIVE ME BAN, is not givin you a DINAR. guys just pretend you care for lol, this way no one s gonna bilive you... AND ONE MORE THING... if i didnt flamed in english, i wouldnt get baned cause my friend is a toxic king but never writes on engilish (i can see why now), wtf.... have you any logic at all? i mean if you need an employee just ask ffs , who da %%%% is working for you...????
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