A Second Chance To Change!!

There should be a way to retrieve permabanned accounts flagged by toxic and flaming behaviours. So i was permabanned about 2 months ago i deserved it no point in lying , and since then i have severely altered my toxic behaviour on a alternative account account and became a better player. My proposition is that riot should have system wich permabanned players could get on an alternative account, and they would have to raise said account to **level 5 honor**, the player would contact player support for a second chance, then riot would proceed to take a sample of the chat log and if everything was okay riot then would unlock the account with a final warning this the last chance if you were caught flaming and harrassing you would ge imediately and forever banned I say this why, i never really though about my behaviour until i was permabanned, that really struck me hard ,seeign i was about to lose and account wich i i had since pre-season 2**(yeah i been here since then)** and of course i had money into it for skins and so on. Only then i reallised "i messed up hard" and so after that and has so many players there are some of us that have changed the way we play and act in hopes of getting a second chance. Its for me and those who have really changed wich i bring this proposition,since taking an accounto to level 5 honor takes time and its a way to prove you really have changed your meantality. Remember sometimes you only realise what you were doing wrong until its to late its, and people deserve a second chance if they can prove they have changed, everyone is able to change if theres hope in the end.
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