When will you become a good LoL player.

All I want to say is the following for those who tries to destroy every game for others either by flaming, trolling, or whatever. You will never become good enough or go to the top if you keep on doing those idiotic acts. I was one of these guys to be honest, but I changed. I respect everyone in game, I never troll or flame. Why would I do that? It is a game after all, we all do mistakes and admitting that you did a mistake in game is a good step to go higher. I am not trying to be a smart ass here, just saying what i wanted to say for some time. You want a clean match? then do what you have to do to make one. Winning or losing no need for all the idiotic acts, you lost a game? so what you will win the next one. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, English is my second language. Thanks - Moe
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