Brainless punishent

After losing 2 or 3 ranked game i was quite pissed, started another game, tried my best ( for real!!!! ). Got flamed WHOLE game, cuz "i was not there" when the idiot %%%%s started 4v5 fights vs a fed enemy comp.... Tell me pls that im the %%%%%%ed when they didnt even have the basic IQ to understand to not go with 4v5 ... But neverthless i got flamed whole game, i finally got pissed of around 18-20 min... i talked back like crazy... and i got chat restrict ? FOR WHAT? cuz they are idiots ? sorry pls. %%%% yourself. After playing this game for more than 4 years i thought SHIT like this wont happen. But it does. And its ur fault! For not watching the game and reading the chat logs, just brainlessly give punishent. When i was the poor guy who got shittalked whole game. Last time i accepted shit like this. Next punishment for idiot reason like this, and i will just delete the game and never install it again. Got all champ, read a ton of guides, played aram, normal, ranked even tutorial. Memorised skills and im the bad one to punish? WHY? cuz 4 idiot shit reported me cuz "u dont fight with us". I WAS ON THE OTHER HALF OF THE MAP. And they are NOT the bad ones. They are just idiots. YOU give the punishment. Either make it logical, or dont do it at all, but shit like this makes me wanna cry. If u dont have the time to actually watch the situation, the go drink, but dont give punishemnt on a FKIN whim. Idiots. If this post is too "hardcore" in language or whatever, idc, bann me. At least i will have time to play CS again....... And at least THIS post would be a real reason for the punishemnt for all the bad word... but not the game i just played.
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