Be toxic then go afk bc our bot "feeds" in ranked

So a Guy in my ranked game was Toxic to me and my pre (we where both bot) and our top. he begins to spamm ping us and telling us to stop feeding , we both died 1 time up to that point, "Ganking" us while me and my pre where on our way back to lane then dies and calls us feeders and is saing that we shude "follow" him when he gankes us. Then going Afk at 20 min or so (i was 0/3 and my adc 2/4 or so) he did come back later as we were surrender I dont care about him being toxic af or going afk, hell i am toxic myself some times but he was just going on and on about it i just care about the LP, cant riot do somthing about that? like not losing as much LP when we get an afk?

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