Do you think typing %%% to tell a teammate to get executed by tower is bannable?

I was playing a very intense game with a pretty good team except one player who was constantly flaming me. I did not retaliate at all as you can see from the chat log (click link), I was very positive stayed cool and was encouraging as well. The two "%%%" %%%yped wasn't as an insult I was actually telling our team's Tristana to get executed by tower as she was about to give kill while being chased low hp. So I'm pretty sure this is just a misunderstanding. I really don't want to be permanently banned because of this.... BTW I really don't appreciate it that even when I'm being completely positive AND staying cool AND not flaming I can STILL get banned like that. Just because two ACTUAL toxic players decide to report me out of spite and childishness. Follow up: Follow up from the ticket: Part 1: part 2: I'll update again if progress is made part 3: part 4: notice how they are all saying the same: ambiguous, extremely political and systematic things part 5: part 5.2: part 6: part 7: and that was the end of my ticket. It got closed. Next day I was more calm and talked to a live chat agent here is the script: > Chat started on 21 Feb 2019, 09:28 AM (GMT+0) (09:28:27) *** Rabbitrper joined the chat *** (09:28:27) Rabbitrper: Do you think one deserves to be banned just because they accidentally use "%%%" as a suggestion for a teammate to get executed by tower in order to deny kill gold to the enemy in a extreme situation? (09:28:32) *** SERiNGA joined the chat *** (09:28:36) Rabbitrper: Hi (09:28:54) SERiNGA: Hey there (09:30:06) SERiNGA: We are currently not able to provide assistance regarding player behavior cases in chat for now (09:30:12) Rabbitrper: of course (09:30:21) SERiNGA: so I will have to transform your chat into a ticket (09:30:25) Rabbitrper: i think its quite a straight forward question (09:30:34) SERiNGA: and I will give you a response in half an hour (09:30:35) Rabbitrper: but of course you don't have the courage to express your opinion (09:30:39) SERiNGA: when my chat shift ends (09:31:37) SERiNGA: we will have to investigate the match to see exactly what happened (09:31:49) SERiNGA: before we can take a decision in your case (09:31:50) Rabbitrper: I really welcome you to do so (09:31:59) Rabbitrper: but hypothetically (09:32:08) Rabbitrper: to you think one doeserves to be banned (09:32:20) Rabbitrper: if what I said is the truth and nothing but the truth (09:33:00) SERiNGA: the acronym is widely known in our community and the players are aware that this can lead to punishments (09:33:12) SERiNGA: however, I'm not absurd (09:34:12) SERiNGA: so I won't say it should be punished all the time, but it really depends on the context (09:34:29) SERiNGA: but in probably 99% it should be punsihed (09:34:43) Rabbitrper: what about the context I just provided you (09:35:21) Rabbitrper: there was 0 negativity or any kind of flame. Just a player trying to suggest in-game action (09:36:21) SERiNGA: hey, as I've said I will have to investigate it (09:36:34) SERiNGA: and I don't have time to do it right now (09:37:12) Rabbitrper: you don't have to investigate anything. The context is hypothetically provided to you right in this chat in-front of you. I am not asking for a ticket or a in-depth view (09:37:39) Rabbitrper: i gave you "scenario a"< I'd like to know your opinion "yes or no" (09:39:05) SERiNGA: I actually see that the context of the ban was already explained to you (09:39:30) SERiNGA: and you've been warned by our colleagues that we will be closing any further tickets chats regarding this punishment (09:39:50) Rabbitrper: this is not about this punishment though (09:39:57) Rabbitrper: it's just a hypothetical question (09:40:40) SERiNGA: I've already gave you my answer (09:40:40) Rabbitrper: i personally don't have interest in your game (09:40:43) Rabbitrper: you haven't (09:41:10) Rabbitrper: okay (09:41:11) Rabbitrper: you said (09:41:17) Rabbitrper: paraphrasing (09:41:32) Rabbitrper: "maybe there could a 1% exception to this rule" (09:41:56) Rabbitrper: but you didn't say if you think my hypothetical situation falls into this 1% (09:42:05) Rabbitrper: so you've answered half of the question (09:42:39) SERiNGA: I wouldn't remove the suspension, there are other ways to say that (09:42:45) SERiNGA: go under turret (09:43:03) SERiNGA: but in what scenario would you say that to a player? (09:43:31) Rabbitrper: the player is being chased between tier 2 and inhib tower (09:44:48) Rabbitrper: if the player decides to either fight or escape unscathed then they will inevitably be killed by the enemies which are cuurently chasing them. Therefore giving them gold (09:45:29) SERiNGA: I don't think the chat is necessary to tell something like that to a player (09:45:37) Rabbitrper: if the said player instead kills themselves under a turret they will give no assist or kill to the enemy thus despite losing their life. Preventing the enemy from gaining gold (09:45:48) SERiNGA: since he is stressed by the situation, I don't think he will read the chat (09:45:57) Rabbitrper: fair enough (09:46:16) Rabbitrper: but the player writing was already dead so they had nothing else to do (09:46:24) SERiNGA: this is just my personal opinion, I would ban the player and he would learn that acronym is a big no no (09:46:51) Rabbitrper: so you would >permanently< ban this player (09:47:09) Rabbitrper: at least you are answering the question sincerely now so thank you (09:47:25) Rabbitrper: so would you >permanently< ban this player for such action? (09:48:41) SERiNGA: why perma ban? (09:48:49) SERiNGA: is he at his second offense? (09:48:52) Rabbitrper: yes (09:49:03) SERiNGA: did %%%typed %%% in the past? (09:49:05) Rabbitrper: and this is technically their fault (09:49:24) Rabbitrper: yes but the play%%%typed %%% in the past due to negative behaviour (09:49:55) Rabbitrper: this time the player was exclusively just trying to help and such nonesense that is for alot of people in the normal world community slipped the player's mind (09:50:00) SERiNGA: I would perma ban him (09:50:08) SERiNGA: that's my honest opinion (09:50:29) SERiNGA: he knew what he were the consequences (09:50:47) SERiNGA: he knew what were the consequences (09:52:12) Rabbitrper: so in other word this player deserves a perma ban because out of carelessness typed a zero-tolerance word to express their opinion? (09:52:27) Rabbitrper: fair enough (09:53:20) SERiNGA: I think so (09:53:25) Rabbitrper: may I just ask you one last question though (09:54:07) Rabbitrper: ? (09:56:39) SERiNGA: sure (09:58:49) SERiNGA: Hello, are you still here? (09:58:56) Rabbitrper: do you also honestly think that, your attitude and in general the league of legend's automated behaviour system is a competent system on the current market? (10:00:10) SERiNGA: I think so. There are other stuff I think should get implemented (10:01:29) SERiNGA: but it's definitely working since I can see the result from knowing the numbers and interacting with players via support (10:02:30) SERiNGA: Is there anything else I can help you with? (10:03:01) Rabbitrper: Alright SRiNGA (10:03:12) Rabbitrper: you've actually been more helpful thank your colleagues (10:03:16) Rabbitrper: so thank you for your time (10:03:58) SERiNGA: I'm glad to hear that (10:04:10) Rabbitrper: all that I want to say at last is that i also agree that your system is very effective at removing toxic behaviour (10:05:00) Rabbitrper: but i still don't agree that punishments should be this harsh for my provided context. Since the ultimate goal of such system was to prevent toxicity, which the player showed none. (10:05:14) Rabbitrper: but you have a good day. (10:05:19) SERiNGA: I can understand losing an account is tough but bad behaviors have consequences and sometimes we just need to assume them and learn from them (10:06:00) Rabbitrper: I don't necessarily think it was bad behaviour though (10:06:07) SERiNGA: the purpose of our system is to reform the players, that's why we have an escalation path, however, there are some things that we can not close an eye for (10:06:23) Rabbitrper: but it's okay I've learned your work ethics (10:06:33) Rabbitrper: and I don't expect more from your team anymore (10:06:55) SERiNGA: even if you didn't mean it in a negative way, the other players can still perceive it in a very negative way (10:07:24) Rabbitrper: "the purpose of our system is to reform the players" and the player did reform under the eyes of any common sense human the that the player showed complete positivity (10:07:31) Rabbitrper: it's fine I got it (10:07:38) Rabbitrper: you trust in your system (10:07:56) Rabbitrper: the A.I. makes the ultimate decision and your human stuff is only behind to support it (10:08:30) Rabbitrper: not the other way around (10:08:31) SERiNGA: the a.i takes the first decisions (10:08:46) SERiNGA: however, that's why we are also here, to correct it's process (10:08:50) Rabbitrper: well it as sure don't seem like it to me or any other sane person on this planet earth (10:08:53) Rabbitrper: im just saying (10:09:06) SERiNGA: but in your case, unfortunately, we agree with the decision the system took (10:09:32) Rabbitrper: I must be really unlucky then (10:09:59) Rabbitrper: I've made a community post on the league of legends forum which has the majority upvoting my case (10:10:11) Rabbitrper: so i guess your team is statistically detached from player base then (10:10:16) SERiNGA: My chat shift has ended 10 mins ago and I really have to take my lunch break (10:10:20) Rabbitrper: wasn't your chat shift over long time ago? (10:10:21) Rabbitrper: exactly (10:10:27) Rabbitrper: I don't wanna keep wasting your time (10:10:36) Rabbitrper: thank you for your attention (10:10:48) SERiNGA: what you can do is to bump your post, if it gets many upvotes who knows (10:10:49) Rabbitrper: you have a good break (10:10:57) SERiNGA: but from what you've explained to me (10:11:07) SERiNGA: I think the chances are lower than 0.1% (10:11:12) SERiNGA: thank you (10:11:15) Rabbitrper: fair enough (10:11:17) Rabbitrper: no (10:11:19) Rabbitrper: thank you (10:11:29) SERiNGA: have a great day as well and good luck with whatever you decide to do my friend (10:11:30) Rabbitrper: like I said it was good to finally hear honest opinions (10:11:40) Rabbitrper: thanks (10:12:03) SERiNGA: can you close the chat yourself please? (10:12:04) SERiNGA: you can do so from the Options (place on the bottom left corner of the chat) (10:12:13) Rabbitrper: alright (10:12:29) Rabbitrper: sayonara SERiNGA (10:12:48) SERiNGA: good bye Rabbitrper (10:12:57) *** Rabbitrper has rated the chat Good *** (10:12:59) *** Rabbitrper left the chat *** So obviously. I can argue all I want with them but ultimately they will never admit: **the system is actually garbage since it is so despised and easily loopholed and frowned upon by the community.** so here goes another player's account permanently. I don't think I'll ever play this game again, this was too disheartening. EDITS: added progress of the ticket
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