2 ranked games in a row 2 inting top laners

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There's literally nothing I can do. These ranked games completely out of my hand no matter what I do in them. I killed Teemo top twice so I thought Irelia's laning phase would of won in her favour, nope! She died 4 times solo to him. 0 - 2 Teemo. 0 - 0 - 2 Irelia. Last round we had a Vlad who died one time in lane and then proceeded to spam "OPEN LOL" and run it down everyone's lane. I was playing support Galio and my ADC was amazing, we 2 v 5'd the majority of the round but disaster striked when they got caught out and they ended from it. It's just not fair man, please install some ranked punishments or make losing much more severe than it currently is because I'm tired of dealing with people like this. http://prntscr.com/ij1663 This guy was placed in my game not too long ago. I'm Plat 2 with a 55% winrate. They're Plat 5 with a 55% winrate. My MMR shouldn't be bad enough to consider putting this guy in my game. If he gets autofilled then he says he will troll unless he's given ADC or support for his OTP Twitch or Lulu. tl;dr people in ranked suck punish them harder someone who goes 2 - 13 - 2 shouldn't be treated the same as someone who's 10 - 4 - 19. im just tryna hit d5 stop making it difficult for me
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