So this warrants a Permaban? Well played Riot

I know I can be harsh and sometimes people just need to vent. And I have had my share of chat restrictions and recently got the 2 weeks ban. I'm fine with that and adjust my behaviour accordingly but everyone has his ups and downs. Think I played a dozen or more games after the ban was lifted and then I had this team again and that little devil on my shoulder just popped up again and I let him loose I guess. But seriously this warrants a permaban on a 5 year old account with money spent on... I was bot Support this game and it was only 1 game (!) This yorick starts dying and never stops vs a Tryn hence my advice. Pity CHatlogs never show the full transcripts but you can catch my drift and see I am just responding to him and even opt to mute him because it drains me. Basically this dude solo lost the game and I get unhinged because he never listens, doesnt build correct and keeps on dying. I don't believe this was very toxic. Anyways he keeps on dying, doesnt change his playstyle and now my adc is getting dragged by him so I react again. Meantime tryn used herald top and pushed to base towers and then the inevitable: because I am the one calling people out on their bullshit, suddenly I am the one to blame... It's not like the inting Yorick is the blame... nope blame the one calling him out... and report him, not the inter. Because I am the lvl 8 support who doesnt defend base against the herald with a lvl 14 fed tryn. I was done with the game Anyways I said it before and I will say it again. This game caters the weak and the snowflakes. Best to play with /mute all, because people will just end up reporting you for calling them out on their gameplay and decisions. If you are loud expect the reports coming in. But seriously this chatlog gave me a permanent ban. Why am I not getting feedback after feedback after feedback in my games if this chatlog warrants a permaban. I have received and seen way more toxic behaviour then this... The logic just escapes me... I like this game but that penalty system is flawed on so many levels. Everyone with a badgame or a grudge can just report anyone and if they used specific keywords in chatlog they are gone... Guess my toxic behaviour in chat was based on 2 lines of text in this whole exchange.... Game 1 In-Game The Punmasteror: why not start thorns The Punmasteror: nunu stop wasting time top The Punmasteror: farm gankmid and bot The Punmasteror: yes and you are a losing lane The Punmasteror: jungle 101. get winning lanes more ahead The Punmasteror: ignore losing lanes The Punmasteror: maybe learn to build The Punmasteror: i gave you advice 10min ago The Punmasteror: you did nothing with that The Punmasteror: i said build a thornmail The Punmasteror: you did nothing The Punmasteror: now i mute you cause i cant be bothered by you anymore The Punmasteror: sigh The Punmasteror: this %%%%lin yorck The Punmasteror: waht the %%%% is that The Punmasteror: and now jinh is doing yolo shit The Punmasteror: ff The Punmasteror: bla bla bla The Punmasteror: you get caught 3 times in a row The Punmasteror: not my fault The Punmasteror: no its league of i dont give a %%%% about %%%%%%s The Punmasteror: push to end im surrounded by idiots The Punmasteror: gg tryn The Punmasteror: ye ofc im afk The Punmasteror: cuz its over Post-Game The Punmasteror: sigh
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