The "issue" with AutoFill in lower ranks

**First of all**, I want to mention just because the title says "in lower ranks" doesn't mean this can't be a problem at higher ranks. I just added this because I'm a lower rank player (recently finished my promos and ended up in Silver II) and I have in under 20 ranked games this season had this problem multiple times. _Please note that I will not want to mention any player names due to the "Naming and Shaming" rule that applies on these forums_ The problem I'm talking about is connected to the fairly new AutoFill system. I want to mention that I personally believe the system is a great addition to the game, and that it makes queue times much more balanced. However, often times when someone gets autofilled they _complain_. This in itself isn't a problem but when the complaining leads to somewhere along the lines of **"Screw this sh*tty system, jungle or feed, I don't care you would all suck anyway"** and locking an Udyr pick, it causes trouble. A situation similar to the one I just described happened to me recently, and since I wasn't in promos I decided to dodge just before the game started to save myself and the rest of my team the trouble of this stubborn player. However, I found it slightly disappointing and very dissatisfying that there is **no way** to flag or report players who do this is champion select. That means that as long as players keep dodging he will **never** be _punished _ for his behavior. My suggestion is that they would add a little icon next to all friendly players in champion select, and you could select from the icon to flag a player for either "Refusing to follow his/her assigned role" or "Offensive or Abusive chat". While I do believe that this function would help improve our community, it must be constucted in a way so that players can not abuse this function. For instance,**_ in my opinion no player should be banned, neither temporairly nor permanently, solely based on flags._** I suggest that Riot would make it so that if a player gets enough flags, they would check it out and vary the punishment based on the crime. How they would monitor and control this, and what the punishments would be I don't really know. That's up to them. I wrote this because I enjoy the game Roit has created and I want to help in improving it if I feel like it is possible. Thank you for reading
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