Lunatic players

Having bad runs extremly bad players is one thing, but the last game again opened my eyes what is wrong with bronze (bad) players. So I got first blood with orianna against cassio and got immediatly counter killed by shyvana, she visited again later and cassio was actually winning. Yasuo just farmed Trynd 1vs1 on top. Bot was also losing cause of Shyvana ganks. So at that point shyvana ganked about 5 times to 0 ganks from our shity malphite jungle. So overall the opponents were winning and suddenly in allchat cassio writes report shyvana. I mean WTF she is winning 2 lanes??? WTH I mean this player was so shity, I 1vs1 him easily even when he was ahead and he even dares to complain about a actually good jungle. I really wonder wtf is wrong with such players. Even though I won the game I am soo upset and this is actually happening in nearly every game. Good players get bs from bad players and they should keep calm wtf?
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