what do i do with this

played a ranked game making me remember why i hate ranked so.. everything is going well i'm doing good in farm everyone is playing well then my teemo *dies* _ah shit here we go again_ teemo starts to flame our jungler for not ganking our jungle vs enemy top *dies* teemo flames him even harder jungler tries to steal enemy blue buff *dies* adc *dies* no big deal that's normal it can happen but now our support is losing his shit saying we should open mid or top saying our adc is clearly boosted ...it's silver/gold elo... i tell everyone we can still comeback teemo *dies* 3x times tilts more and steals my mid lane where i was doing alright i tell everyone to /mute all everyone goes back to flaming so what do i do when everyone loses his shit i try to keep them calm it doesn't work i mean no big deal that i lost i don't really care for my rank anyway but man i wanna lose fighting 5v5 not my team flaming to eachother and lose painfully fast {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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