Discussion about toxic behaviour punishments.

Hi people! I've been wondering why do people deserve to get a 14 day suspension or permanent account ban for being toxic. I think it truly doesn't make much sense. I would understand, however, if it was for trolling, inting, or cheating. That's understandable. But something that only happens in chat? What if the person has spent alot of money (let's say $150 on the account) and because of a bad teammate he ends up getting a permanent ban. Sure, the player may make another account and continue, but that rarely happens. They just get mad at the game and quit. It's even worse if the player was going for a high rank, like a platinum or diamond, but because of that ban he ends up forgetting about the game. Anyway, here is how I think the punishments should go when it comes to toxicity: 1. 10 game chat restriction 2. 25 game chat restriction, but this time each extra message gain is increase by one minute 3. 100 game chat restriction, each message is gained every 10 minutes (to maybe give a bigger lesson to the player) 4. Permanent chat restriction, each message every 5 minutes 5. Next punishment, the message gain is again 10 minutes 6. The last punishment. Player is unable to chat overall, only able to ping. (He can still use ingame commands like /msg, though) And yes, I do understand that it is the player's fault they are being toxic, but often times it's one simple bad game that can ruin a great account. Please, Riot Games, understand that banning for something happening in chat isn't the right way to go. Thanks, DavidK14
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