Call for Behavioral Punishment Reform

Summary: I believe the punishment system is harmful both to the population of League of Legends as well as to the mentality of the players and should be reformed. I believe it's an issue that I can have 4 premades and get someone immediately noticed and punished by riot for successfully being provoked into being toxic. Here's my argument. Exhibit A: When a specific bacteria attacks the body, the body builds an immune system and prevents that bacteria from being effective against that one organism. Same way, riot could just put up a shield every time turns toxic. A 10 game chat-restriction issued every time. Why is it necessary to remove the account? The person can just make a new account and get back to being toxic within a day. You're not solving the problem through banning. You solve through consistent punishment. By removing their old account, you simply make all their previous purchases available for re-purchasing, which is a very underhanded and malicious tactic for Riot to earn a few extra bucks. Exhibit B: That's where literally every fascist regime started. Now I'm obviously not saying that a game developing company would be eligible for world dominance but, at least have some decency? You don't just ban people left and right for saying something that SUBJECTIVELY is seen as offensive or insulting. Exhibit C: If the person managed to get their account banned, they've already been toxic for quite a while. You obviously can't fix that. Don't IP ban since people can change but does the person really have to prove they've changed by making a new account? But if they don't change and just make new accounts instead; and IP bans aren't viable since other people may be playing through that IP (making an IP ban unfair) then, that removes any reasoning behind any permanent punishments. To clarify, permanent punishment on an issue you can literally not fix without changing every aspect of the game, is simply a "douche move" at this point. It does not serve a function other than to piss someone off even more for when they come back to league all "withdrawal symptoms" kicking in, skill deteriorated and even more toxicity to come. People are less toxic when things go well. They are toxic because things are NOT going well and you're only promoting their "bad year" attitude. Proposal: 1. Remove the "Verbal Abuse" button OR 2. Make that button only apply to any call for violence (death-threats and call for suicide for example) 3. Promote the use of the "Mute" button over the "Report" button 4. Punish invalid reports I wanna hear everyone's thoughts on this, any opinions on alternative reforms and everything of the sort. My Motives: I do have a bad temper. I don't want to lose my marbles every time I get babysat but it so happens to be that when my adrenaline is at peak levels, I do break loose. I may not believe that it should be punished (since I believe the "Mute" button should be the natural reaction rather than a power-hungry "REPORTED") but I definitely believe that a 10-game chat restriction should suffice. It's not the severity of the punishment that makes people re-think. It's the punishment alone. Having 10 games of no spam helped me. Having 25 games made me just quit league for a year. Perhaps that may be perceived as a healthy alternative to some but I don't think it's in the best interests of the company. A permanent 10-game should be issued in every game unless call for violence has been committed. I would like to see the league community prosper and perhaps a reform in punishment may change the perspective of players in a positive and more open way. Perhaps people will actually become accustomed to the "toxicity" and see it as part of the chat, rather than this horrible demon coming from the depths of hell? Perhaps people will only hurt half as much by the toxicity or maybe even the toxicity will reduce as people don't come back to league after a month, being less than mediocre and feeding.
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