How Do I Stop Matching With Premades?

Hello, Ever since switching regions to EUNE from EUW, I've noticed a big increase in premades. I know premade teams are matched with other premade teams on the opposite teams to make it fair. Now, the problem is that in the last 5 games I've played, I've had 5 premade teams on my team (usually a 4-man premade with matching group tag). They often do not communicate in words, other than flaming, or often times they speak their native language, which I do not understand, effectively making me unable to communicate with the team properly. And then there's the enemy team, who is coordinated since they're most likely premades as well, since premades get matched with premades as I mentioned. My team might be coordinated too, but I do not get to have any impact on that coordination since I cannot communicate with them, therefore not set up anything or understand what they're doing/planning to do. There does not go one single day where I play the game, without me having to report someone on a premade team for flaming or other rule-breaking activities. The problem is that I feel like what I do in the game has little impact, which makes it really not fun to play the game. With no communication from the team other than the few english flame words they are able to type, paired with the impact I feel like I have, makes it very unsatisfying to play the game at all. I am therefore asking the following: How do I stop being paired with premades? I would understand that I match with them every couple of games, but when over 50% of my recent games have been 4-man premades who do not communicate, I would like a fix to the issue.
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