Ignoring the context of the situation while judging players.

In your opinion is it fair to ban people defending themselves? I was banned few months ago for "extremely toxic behavior" as riot called it. The situation was like this. I played a ranked game and hot auto filled as adc. I said in the chat that something in the lines of " ill do my best if i have to but if possible someone swap with me as its one of my worse roles and I will probably fail" Obviously people ignore this or react negatively but whatever thats not the point. The game started and I soon died with my support on lane which happens. I said to play defensively from now on as we are behind and Im a weak adc. Thresh starts flaming me that i suck and starts to engage every time he comes back dying in the process often with me. I repeat myself some times while telling him to stop flaming. As he continued with flaming me the whole team joined i told him to shut up at last he goes again the i said "shut up idiot" and muted him. The whole team said they wll report me for intentional feed. After that game i was banned for two weeks and dor this game only. Do you think its fair to completely ignore that I tried to talk with them despite their flame and to ban me for two weeks for minor thing like that? I feel like being punished for punching once a person that broke my leg... It seems unfair to completely ignore the context of the situation... It seems like that system is broken especially when I know people that basically troll their ranked games trying to lose every game and never got punished... Not to mention that the system punishes players not playing too much as its harder to get the honor back and if you play premade games only you cant get back as friend honors do almost nothing
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