In LoL being toxic is rewarded (how the LoL enviorment affects us)

DISCLAMER: i never call people names, use vulgar language and so on. also, i've naver been punished by a tribunal. however, i am afraid that i have become a toxic player. Yes, it is. Three years ago, when i first started playing League i had a strong resolve to be a paragon summoner. I was aware of the fact, that the player base that this game has is, well... not the finest that the gaming world has to offer. And guess what- i have found out why. Being toxic actually benefits you in your soloq games. in at least 3 ways 1.**** Making your opponent tilt****- simple. the more upset they are, the more mistakes they make. Let's say you got an early lead in your lane by getting a kill. Typing "ez" is most likely to make your opponent rage, but it also is punishable. However typing "hahahahaha" "kaboom!" "TOASTY!" or something like this is not. Also laugh/taunt spam is damn annoying, cannot be seen by the tribunal AND it cannot be muted. I have experienced it myself. from like 3 months i am using this technique. It is super effective. 2.****Planting the seeds of discord****- quite similar but more sinister. When people fail at something they tend to blame teammates. It is a common mechanism of protecting one's self esteeme. Even typing something seemingly innocent like "no wards= getting ganked" "damn, our jungler is so good" in allchat after your jungler makes a successful gank, may be a straw that breaks the camel's back. ADCs are likely to blame supports, supports blame ADCs, and everyone is more than willing to blame a junger. i have won many games just by making the flamewar happen, while not participating in it. And getting scot-free in the tribunal 3. **Destroying your team's morale**- if everything else fails, and they refuse to surrender. I do that in almost every game i do not see the chance of winning in. ATM we are in a system where 2 players that want to play a game can trap 3 guys that do not want to do so. You know the feeling? well i do. And i want my teammates to notice that we are 4 turrets and 3 drakes behind, their Jax is overfed. And i do my best to make the see the truth. Being trapped in a game you do not want to play, is far worse tham {{champion:35}} and {{champion:17}} combined in terms of creating a bad gaming experience. Being toxic saves time and frustration
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