AntiAFK Botters

TL;DR: Theres Anti-AFK botters in co-op, is this a bannable offense and are Riot aware of this? So I made a smurf a couple days ago, and decided to play coop ai to level 20, now that the total XP to get lvl 30 is cut in half, and you still get 100% xp/ip from co-op untill level 19. It's been going great, got level 9 in 2 days since its nearly impossible to lose a co-op game, but theres one major problem I ran into alot. There are people who seem to be using some sort of Anti-AFK bot. When I made this account 3 years ago, I never remember seeing this problem while leveling it up. I have seen 2 types of AFK botter: One who doesnt buy at start, and for the whole game walks and does exactly the same things in the exact same route: walks for 5 seconds, stops for 6 seconds, rinse and repeat, untill he reaches enemy inhib tower and executes. Second type: the "Im jungle type". Goes WW jungle (WW because you can easily AFK jungle with ww without dying with that much sustain from auto attacks) and goes heal+smite. This guy DOES buy, but Im pretty sure a bot does it for him. He walks to a camp, stands there for 1-2 minutes, then starts auto attacking it. Once in a while he also uses his W. He has a specific route that doesnt include Epic camps (red/blue buff) or scuttle. He goes gromp, then stands still. Goes krugs, stands still. Goes back, buys some longswords. Goes wolves, stands still etc etc. Now, I dont mind this because its co-op, they're not making me lose and tbh they're making me earn more XP because the games go on for longer when its 4v5. I care about this because some of these people are Gold/Plat, and they do this to farm IP, or some shady ass companies use this to level up accounts and then sell them. I have reported every single one of these guys for cheating, but Im the only one who does because most people in co-op are legit new players, and they dont know what "Anti-AFK" bot means. So I made this whole random ass long ass TDLR required post, because Im hoping a Rioter can see this and tell me if their system recognizes these "auto click" bots and if it's indeed bannable. Who knows, maybe you've never heard of this before. I know that I never did before I made my smurf. (I find it funny that most of the botters I've seen were riven mains, makes me laugh). I have video proof if anyone's interested, might make a funny video out of it. Thanks for reading! (If you even read the whole thing, cuz I know I wouldn't).
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