Permaban experiment EUW

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Let me preface this by saying that I understand that the behaviour that led to my permaban is completely inexcusable. But I heard of something called the permaban experiment, where people can redeem themselves by proving that they are reformed and aren't toxic anymore. I wrote a ticket concerning this topic to the riot games support and got the answer that the permaban experiment is currently not available on the EU-West region, but the person that answered my ticket also told me that if enough people on this region were interested and would participate in this discussion, they might run the experiment on EUW as well. I think a lot of people, including me, regret the behaviour which led to their permanent suspension from League of Legends and would be grateful to get a second chance to prove that they have improved their behaviour, and how their attitude has changed for the better. I believe that every human deserves a second chance when they do something bad. So I wanted to ask the Riot Games Player Behaviour Team if they could introduce the Permaban experiment to the EU-West region in hopes that a lot of reformed people will participate in it.
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