Explain to me platinium 4

I don't have much time to play since I got a baby and that's why I am tired of your broken matchmaking. Can you explain me why the moment I entered plat, THIS VERY MOMENT I start getting people in my games who have ZERO idea how to play. IT IS NOT NORMAL when u are climbing to get worse and worse players. Your ranked system is broken since season 6 and it is intentional. I have been playing this game for 10 years. But the game is unplayable now. Everything after season 5 is a joke. I don't care about events, I don't care about your skins Events, skins stories, esporst, all of this is good if the game itself is good. But League of Legends without competitive games in ranked is not a good at all. EVERYTHING that matters is having every game in ranked being between balanced opponents. BUT U ARE refusing to do so because u don't want to risk people getting too many wins or loses in a row. Once I had 24 loses in a row and 22 wins in a row. In this season it is impossible to go beyond 10 win/lose. Remember my words, WE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME FOR FUN WE PLAY IT SO WE CAN RACE AGAINST EACH OTHER AND IF U REFUSE TO LETS US HAVE A BALANCED GAMES THEN this game is zero. It is not normal people in bronze and silver being better than plat. Ranked games are irrelevant now. Everything is luck if you get the strong players or the weak, Can you just reverse the game to season 1 2 3 4 or 5? Why did you destroy the matchmaking system? Be honest for once in your life riot. You sold this game to the devil. Shame. Once it was the best game ever. Now it just doesn't matter what you do in your games. Everything is predetermined. Shame. I wonder if it is better just to return to dota 1. Old is gold. And you are no longer old. God, how could you destroy your game.
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