Holding your team hostage by refusing surrender

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Not entirely sure if this post goes here or in gameplay. I just got out of a game that I was less than pleased with. Within the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the game, the enemy kills 4 of us. Bad start, but I was still comitted to give it a go. 4 minutes, 6-2 to them I think we can still recover! 9 min 30 sec: 16-3 Yeah ok, the item difference is getting gruesome now, this is quickly becoming onesided to the point of the match becoming dull and frustrating. 15 minutes: 24-6! Yeah ok, we are done! There is no coming back from this with the way we are playing, vote to surrender, 2 people vote no, and onwards we go. Here's the issue: Throughout the ENTIRE game, beyond 15 minutes, there are TWO people who REFUSE to surrender. Even into the 22 minute mark when the score is 41 - 12 do two people (presumably the same two) refuse to surrender. Enemy CS is on average, throughout the entire game, TWICE that of ours, certain players on the opposing team even managing 3 times as much cs from time to time. Game ends 23:02, 45-13 Riot should perhaps take a note from Destiny 2 PvP, if one team is completely smashing the other and the score becomes too onesided, the game simply calls it a victory for the leading team, ends the match and lets everyone move on. I would love to see a "wasting time" or "Holding team hostage" report function, though I do of course realize that succesfully implementing and executing this properly would likely be difficult to say the least. As far as I understand, if I had quit that game before it ended, I could have been reported and perhaps even banned... This match was not fun, in any way shape or form. Yet those two people just HAD to make the remaining 3 of us stay for an additional 8 minutes of getting **completely** smashed. Thankfully this does not happen all too often, the game balances players pretty well in the grand majority of the time.. Still, it's a nasty feeling being forced to play your best and getting smashed back, forth and sideways because two people refuse to let their own and the opposing team move on. Perhaps simply reducing the yes votes required for horrendously onesided (losing) matches to 3 would be an option. Oh well, hoping my next few games turn out better.
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