Afk because team won't surrender.

I was playing poppy and we had destroyed all the enemy towers and they were at inhibs.. But our illaoi was being negative all game long.. Every single time he died, he would put up a surrender vote.. This was annoying because every time he went solo vs 3, i had to press a no button that would spam pop up all the time. Well.. After the last death which was just us fooling around (we were extremely ahead of the enemy team on pretty much everything) This guy put up hes routine surrender vote but after we declined it, HE WENT AFK IN LATEGAME.. Offcourse me and azir could win teamfights and hold them but we couldn't end it as 2.. So the enemy started to get items.. (it took them 10 minutes to turn the game around) and destroyed our nexus.. All this time illaoi was afk in base walking around to prevent leaver buster and then writes "GG WP GUYS" on all chat.. Seriously? God i hate these kids.. They have so much tunnelvision and can't see past themselves. If they're not the carry, they're whining and spamming the surrender and afking. Why isn't there a surrender limit to prevent spamming? Like one person can put up a surrender vote once and can't do it again unless some other teammate has put up a surrender vote. That way you can't have just one player spamming it all game long every time it's up. You would need at least two players spamming it while taking turns.. At least it would make surrender spam 90% less frequent.
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