Perma Ban for (2201) reason

In the last 2 months i was accused for playing with scripts in 2 games by the other team... But i didnt gave atention because i thought ( ye whatever riot is going to see the demos and then they can see i wasnt scripting at all ) Turns out i was perma banned 3 days ago , and in the email i received , your League of Legends account has been banned until Sun Feb 22 22:22:22 UTC 2201. I didnt know what that 2201 mean , but i thought to myself (ok i cant be banned for flame because i only say things like ''wtf are u doing'') and a friend who plays with me starts laughing in the skype saying i got banned because the reports for scripting in the last months ... I really dont know what is happening, i play in this account since season 1 , never got banned and i already sent 6 tickets to Riot in the last 3 days and nobody answers me ... I would love some explanation about my case ! username: scuttatc ign: i m s o t i l t server: euw
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