False perma banned for toxcicity lmfao.

How do I get permanently banned for typing this, when my in-game teammates are telling me to legit kill myself in real life... Anyone explain? Riot NoahTheGamer17@gmail.com Game 1 In-Game 1stBro04: ashe why no flash lmfao 1stBro04: lol 1stBro04: fast recall tactic 1stBro04: xd 1stBro04: bruh 1stBro04: wtf are yall doing 1stBro04: LOL 1stBro04: theres 1stBro04: 0 1stBro04: gank 1stBro04: bcs 1stBro04: u dont make gank opportunity 1stBro04: kids are blaming me for feeding xd 1stBro04: when they dont make gank opportunity 1stBro04: lmao 1stBro04: kata 1stBro04: happy now? 1stBro04: bcs im carrying 1stBro04: lmao 1stBro04: lul 1stBro04: bruh 1stBro04: why no one ready 1stBro04: how im i gonna gank for u guys when ur not ready 1stBro04: and teemo 1stBro04: pls stop 1stBro04: this team lmao 1stBro04: im carrying? 1stBro04: kid 1stBro04: smh 1stBro04: im just gonna int 1stBro04: lmao 1stBro04: OPEN 1stBro04: OPEN 1stBro04: lololollo 1stBro04: u asked for it 1stBro04: ye 1stBro04: u asked for it 1stBro04: so im giving u what u want 1stBro04: no 1stBro04: ur being a %%%%%% 1stBro04: so im giving u the sh11t back 1stBro04: 1/7 lets go 1stBro04: lmfao 1stBro04: no 1stBro04: cuz im carrying 1stBro04: i ganked 10 time for u bot 1stBro04: and then she goes afk 1stBro04: this team is flaming the jng whos 12/8 1stBro04: while they are feeding 1stBro04: haha real mature 1stBro04: btw could u pls report lux for feeding then leaving the game? 1stBro04: u want me to suicide? 1stBro04: lmao 1stBro04: k reported thx 1stBro04: <3 1stBro04: for? 1stBro04: lol 1stBro04: my team is all gona report me 1stBro04: for nothing 1stBro04: hahahah 1stBro04: and they are telling me to kill myself 1stBro04: like what 1stBro04: gg ez 1stBro04: xd
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