My first punishment.

Hello community! At the end of this season I recieved my very first punishment for bad behaviour in all 8 seasons I have played this game. I got a 10 game chat restriction. A couple of days earlier I had an argument with an extremely rude and obnoxious player that I just should have muted but he got the best of me. I definitely earned the punishment of chat retriction to learn my lesson. _BUT._ This punishment also reset my honor to level 1, from level 4 with a couple of steps unlocked. Mind you the season ends in in like 5 days when I get my punishment, and to recieve any rewards (like the Orianna skin, since i'm in gold rank) you need to be honor level 2. This is literally impossible for me to regain in this short time. I've gotten 1+ honors every game i've played since and **not even the first little step** out of 3 is unlocked towards honor level 2. So, if you get a punishment in the middle of the season you still have time to get back what you lost. But if it happens at the end, you get **EVERYTHING** you played towards the entire season ripped away. I wonder where the justice is in this. It seems to me like a very flawed system. To summarise; I believe it was right for me to get punished, but this was my first ever punishment in 8 years and I will lose the entire season of progress and playtime. I've been a loyal long-time player, and after one heated argument in after-game chat I get completly shut out. Combine this with the bad state of the game this season, and I'm honestly not sure I will be playing the game I've loved for 8 years the next season. /end_rant
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