Ban system!

The Ban system is actually useless! People sabotaging games after games! Staying afk in base... Intentionally feeding and getting away with it! No suspention, no ban! There should be no mercy for trolling! Absolutely none! Flaming is already solved! ITS CALLED A MUTE BUTTON! Spam pinging is also solved! *MUTE* So instead of focusing on people that are flaming... How about you focus on the people that are actually ruining the game??? Is the Riot staff so lazy that they cant analyze games and actually see the proof when people are inting? I mean I get it! Its easier to read a chat log in seconds and be like... yep! that guy flamed.. lets punish him! Just remove the mute button if you're gonna suspend flamers and not trollers! It's ridiculous. This game is dying! This is one of the reasons! People making the League experience very unpleasant! You cannot mute a rage quitter nor a troll!
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