Compensation for those wrongly banned

Now this is not something that affects me personally. I would just like to start a discussion on the fact that recently there have been a bunch of people wrongly banned, be it chat-related punishments or the sett bugs. Now, these are clearly on the side of riot and not on players, and they: Affect players abilities to play the game (for example earning tokens) Risk players not getting unbanned, since support isn't doing their jobs properly, and aren't reviewing the cases thoroughly, which leads to them losing their accounts for which they have poured effort and money into. (And there are many people who wouldn't bother going through much effort to go through ways to get unbanned) And even when they do get unbanned, they have to see through a lot of effort for YOUR mistakes. Therefore, I would like to point out that this all, to begin with, is a very bad practice for a company, and very disrespectful towards your customers. And the very least you could, is clear apologies to those affected, compensation of anything lost and compensation for their lost time.
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