Sorry, but I have to get this off of my chest.

UPDATE 18.3.2019, 18:26: I won my promos to Silver. And all of you who downvoted my post can crawl back to the sad hole <3 Dear Riot, 2019 Ranked has not been the most "enjoyable" for me, however today something happend that really pissed me off. Now, before I go into details, let me just clarify I never flame, insult or do any kind of negative in my games. But today, something happend and I was really annoyed by it. Let me start from the beggining: Yesterday I won 2 games after about a week or so, of not playing and got myself into promos for Silver. I was so happy, since I am not pro player nor I play every single day 24/7. My skills belong to Bronze/Silver and I am fine with that. I deserve this rank, no doubt about it. However today I turned on my computer, logged in to LoL and clicked ranked Solo/Duo. I always pick MID primary role and SUPPORT secondary. That is the only two roles I can play. I am not some fancy pants "Pro Player", who plays this game 24/7, 365 a year. Thankfully I have a life, wonderful job and people around me. So, I click accept. I was given mid. However in less than a second one player said "can i mid". That player was given ADC role. I thought to myself; Oh he could have got autofilled. I am a nice positive player, so I responded "hey i don't know how to play adc, but if i can switch with support, that would be great". So then the person who was given support said: "i can adc if you want" and then i immediately said: "sure, fine with me". We go through ban phase, and those two players who I aggred to switch roles with instalock their champions, Karma support and Diana mid. Now at this point I knew I got screwed over... they didn't even care that i said i can't play adc. They screwed me over. And guess what... i lost my game in promos. I muted everyone and the begining of the game, so i don't know if they flamed me or not..I will go finish the promos today, in hope I can win and get to Silver, however if I lose them I will never play this game again. So you can say goodbye to one more positive player. For once Riot, just once... LISTEN. Please just stand in my shoes and in shoes of main people and try to see however annoying and unenjoyable it can be, having ignorant people on the team. I know you will not respond to this post, and if you do, you will probably just tell me to "get good" and learn how to play the game. As always there will be an excuse, its my fault, not knowing how to play other roles. I am not looking for an apology, or you telling me to get "good", or "dodge next time". I only simply ask you, to respect the fact that I am one of those players who plays the game every now and then - so at least let me play the role I was given. And punish those, who decide to ignore and instalock champions for the lanes, that they are not even given. Kind regards.
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