Riot treats this community like oversensitives infants...

Hello, Riot treats this community like oversensitives infants. Why you ask? Just look arroud, ingame or what ever you want. Every opinion that hurts someones feelings are worth a censorship or even a suspension. For example, i got suspended because i said ->"at the end of the game"<- that in my opnion one player played like shit. (because he did, its feedback) Or another example, if you play 100% strickt to the summoners code, you wont be allowed to show any bad emotions. "you get destroyed botlane, because your support went afk?" <-- stay friendly, dont show any anger, even if you are angry,.....suppress your feelings! But lets see how Riot reacts to someone who expresses his anger. He gets "removed". Why? Because some people are not able to handle it themselfs. They need someone who hides everything "bad", so their feelings wont get hurt by a stranger who wrote some letters (sound silly). Why would a player try to take of this themself?,....they had 30-45min to mute them, but they didnt. Why? Because they are already used to that Riot is taking care of things like that. But how do i know that they arent muting the "flamer"? Because in some games this two players are texting the full game and neglecting the acutal game. Most of this "infants" are incapable of handling things like this themself,... they go crazy, hurt feelings, social justice warrior, bla bla bla This is not just a problem in League of Legends. Its a world problem, just look at the feminist movements...redicilous. hugh mongus *my apology if my english isnt perfect, its my 3rd language after all*
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