Excuse me what the hell riot?

All day, it's been team mates with win ratings of 48% or lower, all day it's been team mates that feed from the start, 10 minutes in and the enemy ADC or jungler or mid is on 6-7 kills and 0 deaths, all day it's been this garbage. The highlight is being matched in RANKED with a dude with 25% win rating that overall has disgusting stats and clearly belongs in Iron. Excuse me riot but what the flying **** is this matchmaker?!?!? At this point I am considering smashing my head against the wall until I go in a coma out of frustration at this matchmaker. Why do I get placed with bronze 2 and bronze 3 players, while the enemy team has 3 gold 4-3 in it? Actually what the f? What monkey designed this? This is CLEARLY BEYOND BROKEN. Did I upset someone by daring to having a win ratio above 50% so I get matched with useless window licking plants until I'm forced back down to 50%? Genuinely what the shit, this matchmaker is THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING OF ALL TIME. Why the actual **** am I being matched GAME AFTER GAME with truly useless people that belong in Iron while the enemy team is Gold or higher? It's legit today in particular that is just what the f level of team mates.
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