Issue in ranked games

Is it me or is there more trollers/intentional feeders/afkers in ranked games this season in plat 5. Recently there have been so many trollers in my games and Its been getting worse. Whats worse is that if you tell them to stop nicely, they say "ur a flamer" or "stfu , ur reported". So basically people are ruining games for people in ranked but they can report you for flame, does that even make sense? Either the system is unreliable and cant get rid of these trollers or its my bad luck. Also why is it that when u have trollers in your team , the enemy assume the right to get cocky and say "ur reported", when you ask to report the trollers. Any tips would be helpful, btw muting them wont work as they can report u for lack of communication even with pings on. P.S I'm not flaming or being negative.
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