Stop helping people in matches because you only get reported

The current report system punishes everyone who honestly wants to help others to improve in a match. I recently got a warning with the usual "you are not in line..." just because i pointed out that we could join teamfights as 5 vs 5 and not enter 3 vs 5. i said it in a constructive manner without hate and with adding "please" in the end. I also did not flame. After the match i got reported. I am so sick of this system and will adapt to it because Riot makes me do so. What i will do from now on is: * Don't give tips in a match. * Don't give positive or negative feedback. I won't say "can i have a gank please" but i will also stop saying "gj". * In the chat after the match don't say anything and wait until everyone left * Then report everyone who was not paying attention to other lanes or said anything about gameplay Thank you Riot for teaching me that helping other people is useless and gets you punished but silently reporting all people behind their back for the most miniscule reason is the best choice. For maximum effect i might team up with three buddies because it looks like that is the moral standard to go. ( TBH: reports for premades should be investigated to avoid griefing) Since any word you say in th game chat can get you reported, i will stop chatting with other people. Riot, do you think it helps a multiplayer game when you make people to chat less?
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