How a good attitude improved my winrate.

I just wanted to write something about myself and how attitude actually improved my winrate. I've had times where ranked games in League just frustrated me so much that I just quit playing and totally gave up, when I was in silver and gold this was actually happening quite frequently to me. I came back around september and decided to play every single game with a positive attitude, no matter what happened. Whether there were afk's or anything, if anything I tried to boost the morale of all my team members instead of asking for a ff@20 when I was down in my lane. I kept this up in every single game, having played about 250 ranked games going from my usual 45~50% winrate to 57~58% winrate right now. Why did my winrate go up? Besides improving, if you look back, how many games where people just gave up instead of trying to make a comeback have you had? probably quite some when you're behind early. I've noticed that even if I had bad early games, just by communicating with your team and staying positive you can actually achieve quite a lot. I can understand that not every player you'll talk to will be reasonable, but as long as you stay reasonable, that's atleast one more for the team right? In that time I climbed starting at gold 3 to hitting diamond 5 yesterday and looking back, attitude helped me improve in skills but especially in communicating with the team and not surrendering when you can still turn the game around. Just wanted to share this, keep your morale up and you'll climb faster than you expect! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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