This should have been punished.

Yesterday, i played an ARAM where one of my teammates didn't get a champion he liked, didn't have any reroll, and nobody wanted to trade with him. He decided to not dodge the queue but instead to ruin the game for our team. First he started by AFKing at the base, but as soon as he got the warning, he just walked down the lane only to suicide into the enemy team every time. He wasn't scared of the threats of reports coming from both teams and was saying : "it's maybe the 300th time that i get threatened when doing this, but i am just cheating the system and won't get banned :)" **"Credible or not it participate to kill the system"** **<-- That's the real problem here.** The most frustrating part is that he probably is right and won't get punished, since i didn't receive any notice concerning a recent player being punished. **--> Get me right, it's not about this particular player, i get that there are many players like this one. It's about this kind of attitude not being punished that bothers me.**
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