Ignoring teammates

Well... I play league for a while now and I learned how to manage waves, when to freeze, push, what minions to kill etc... Well it happens that im just a silver/gold player, I like to play but im not hyper focused on griding. I play adc and I must say supports are the most annoying type of thing when they %%%% my wave control... I get it im low elo but FFS dude why won´t they ever stop auto attack the minions and let me manage the wave. When I need help push I ping when I want to freeze I ask in chat to stop/ to not mess with the wave It just happens that when I´m solo with a solo q support they never listen to me and ignore what I ask. Why do they keep %%%%ing like that? I t makes the difference especially considering we are in the botlane, wave management can put the other team´s adc in the dirt and that may win a game. What I ask if for riot to show people they should care about how they manage the waves, to tell people how to start having some control or simply listen to their team mates. Ignoring what team mates ask (in this case not to push every god damn time) may lead to rage/flame/stupidity/loss which could be avoided by simply learning a bit about the game or listenning to what other people say... I know some people do bad calls and some are just stupid but still some people actually ask for pretty reasonable stuff that can make a difference in the game, although im pointing at supports, junglers and other roles/situations might benefit from this
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