Inting is not bannable - a practical study of season 9

Hey, Before disliking, please read. Unlike done many other times in many other threads, it seems. Many of the usual forum's people that are into that "Always play with honor, if you get inted, it's your fault, and so on" will not be able to fully understand the meaning of the experiment I conducted in the last few months, so they might as well just drop their -1 and leave again, as I don't want to waste anyones time. So, I was at some point so tilted about obvious int all over the place, not only on my team, but on the enemy team as well, that I simply stopped believing that intentional feeding is truly bannable. Maybe once or twice a year a report for intentional feeding goes through, but the main time, inter's are living a happy life among the rest of us, those who actually care to win their games. This is the history of a simple experiment, which aim was to find out for me personally, if I could actually int for the rest of the season with a new account and not getting banned. I turned off the chat, team and global, for various reasons. First of all, I think that Riot just focusses on Chat bans, not at all on inter's. To avoid the temptation to drop some clever tips to my allies, and to not having to read the flame, that might be occuring, I decided to just drop the chat, and let only the pings through. Then I started. Don't hard-int, just do it like the people that go afk after 2 deaths, or that true int feed, after they get flames for a mistake. Go afk for a while, give some kills, while walking in a straight line (so It's lag ^^), then maybe just play with the mouse, not using the keyboard (if you do this for a while, you get too good at it, so I stopped at some point with that strategy), miss 90% of your skillshots, stuff like that. After your games, report all players that spampinged you with their "?" for negative attitude, and write "Spamping" as reason. You should as well honor people, just pick someone random. At the end, I had a winrate at about 20%, which is still more than I expected, and went up to honor level 3c2. Some games are just so coinflippy, that you win, without even doing anything, an interesting side result, tbh (another thing that's really worth complaining about, but thats enough stuff to fill another thread). I did not receive any bans, chat restrictions, or any message by riot at all. The most ironic moment, which I will for sure never forget while I will know the word "League" is the moment when I got promoted to honor level 3, and got an instant feedback from league, that one of my "Spamping"-Reports got through. In one game. I'm really disappointed that I did not get banned, but that made at least clear for me, that I will never have to worry about a ban for int, especially if I just have a bad game. So feel free to int - what are you afraid of? PS: To everyone saying "You're no better than the inter's you hat so much", I've got no more words to say. No, I'm not better. I'm toxic, I'm a bad teammate to have, but I don't care. I just want to have fun, mostly with friends, that I know from reallife. I don't care about the online world, so I convinced myself to accept the harsh truth about inting. I will not int my premates, or someone I respect, and I will never int with my main account as well. So calm down. PPS: I will not provide any statistics or so on purpose, because I want to continue with one game a day, and see for how long I can continue like this. Riot shall find out by the stats, and not by me passing over the account.
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