Can you even get banned for Aram games?

I've been playing nothing but aram as of late, just purely because the current meta isn't fun but I still wish to play league. But in the past week I've had 3 extremely toxic players, one was a Kayn that took troll runes, troll summoners, trolls items and inted from the very first minute and lost their team the match... reported him, no instant feedback report. A bit earlier they had this Xerath who was calling people n*ggers and telling how he is going to r*pe them and their families, reported him and nothing. Then today morning there was this Garen who said how he believes that all other races except for asians should be purged and he hoped that china would just nuke the world already. (the last one was most likely a joke but I've seen people get banned for far less so I included it in my complaint). I find it really strange how none of these 3 outstanding gentlemen didn't get banned, or is it that they did but for some reason I didn't get the instant feedback report message?
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