Riot: Tell me how silent support on bullies and not reimbusing victims help us - victims ?

Hell Riot, Could you tell me, how does the silent support of bullies help to make game less toxic. How does it help 4 players victim of intentional feeding flamer? Oh. It would posssilby make League nicer place? Hmm. Lets look back. Have it done so? NOpe. Every season is more toxic than last. Every season there is more griefers than last. Thus.. Riot, please, PLEASE admit your way did not work. GO to study how civilized coiuntries handle bullying. Study. Learn. American way is .. by the way .. one of the worst way of doing things and supporting bullies and liears, as they are winners. How does it help me that the intentional feeders have droped me in a week from silver 4 to brozne 2? I lose MMR and LP without any reimbusement every time they do what they do. Banning them for a week? Gimme a break. That is not punihsment. I bet on forums of bullies they are using those bans as signs of honor.
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