Feedback: AFK punishment seems to work well now

Hello, I just wanna let you know that now the AFK punishment system works really well. If u intentionally or unintentionally AFK now you get punished, NO MATTER WHAT. But not like before (you could move to not get punished, placing wards etc...). 5v5 SoloQ game, we were winning, Darius top decided to ruin our game intentionally by afking at the base and moving to not get banned/punished, because, you know, it's funny to do that kind of things when you are frustrated... Me and my teammates decided to play until the end but also to report him for intentionally afk at the fountain/base. We won the game 4v5. He kept trolling us at the base for the whole game. At the final score screen he got -20LP and low priority queue. Thank you Riot for trying to erase toxicity in this game.
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