This is how you can avoid using chat "permanently"

This is what i did: 1: hide chat > minimize it to move it out of the frame 2: deactivate enter key with the program "killkeys" This is how i used killkeys after download: While "killkeys" is open, search for its logo in the right-bottom corner of the desktop. Right click it Options > open configuration (duno the real translation in english, mine is in spanish) You can see a new window that contains text. Search for this part "Keys_Fullscreen=". It has something written after the "=", these are some keys that are already bloked, u can keep them or u can delete them, in any case just write "0D" after the "=" or after the others. The "0D" is the code of the "enter" key. This how it should look: "Keys_Fullscreen=0D" Save. Remember to have the "killkeys" logo in the right botom corner in the active mode. (it has active and inactive mode) Now it is already configurated and u can try it. The "enter" key wont be active during the full screen mode (i think it afects any type of full screen, inside or outside LoL).
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