Something today really buged me today in the community as i was playing a normal game on the rift... Playing casualy and the enemy wrote in all chat "its ok im happy that muslims are dying in syria". Now, im a muslim and he just insulted my religion in a way that it looks as if im a rabid dog needing to be put down. i dont know whether Riot ever looks at these things coz i dont really ever see it until now. Not only that when i stated that i am a muslim he just said "dont talk to me you animal" this really upset me and i wanted to see if riot would actualy do something to punish league players that are so insensitive to people who are muslim or who are any other religion in that matter. When it comes to people insulting race as a joke i take with a pinch of salt when they start talking about race or religion to purposefully show their actual point across it really bugs me. Now, the point of this discussion is to ask whether they will be banned as i will not mention those 2 peoples name on this discussion as i dont think that is fair. PS: If these 2 people dont get a bann **ATLEAST** give them a warning as this type of behaviour is the same thing that white people did to black people and its starting again in our league community...
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