Increasing toxic and trolling players in league

In champ selects players pick troll champs and start flaming in the champ select lobby. You do know how the game is going to go with such players already giving up in champ select! Just now i got a team where i had the first pick i picked an ad champ and they all started flaming me for picking an ad champ! our jungler went cleanse and ghost! seeing him my top went ghost and ignite and my supp got encouraged and went ghost and smite! what is this game? this game have developed apes to be honest! People sometimes cant dodge because they are either in promos or they have already dodged 1 or 2 champ selects. the problem is we cant even report such players! If we want to report them we got to play the game and lost that(ofc with such players there is very less chance to win) and then report them. And no guarantee if the rito support finds them toxic and eligible for taking action or not! I dont know i honestly feel mentally abused that i have to use "/mute all " every game! I am really sad about such toxic players in every single league game! And i really feel league doesnt cares about this! What do you guys think? League is developing apes and toxic players- True?
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