This community is a joke

(Ok this is me letting steam off, so prepare for some cringe. Also the attitude with the players is not associated with their skills ingame, and also Im S3 so im not really in a position to judge here ^^.) This community is the worst community i have ever experienced in any videogame franchaise ever. Some of you may say "ha I knew that from when I started playing league", but let me explain why saying this, and actually experienceing it is very different. Im gonna start off by saying I dont blame the people that flame, you cant change a personality through a videogame. No. I blame myself, for believeing that after several 1000 hours i would get somewhat of an improvement regarding the attitude of my teammates. I blame myself for believing Riot mother%%%%ing Games would reward players with a better attitude for resisting the everlasting wave of hatred and delusion other players shove into their face every goddamn match. I blame myself for expecting common human sense from other players regarding communication or just pure respect. I know it is because you are anonym on the internet and bla bla bla tell me about it. My point is, why isnt Riot actually working on a system where the people, based on matching other non-toxic individuals, get matched with one another and have a better experience. Low elo, as it is, is just a shitshow and literally unplayable. And just "muting everyone" isnt really an option, because either you dont communicate because they flame like a bonfire, or you dont communicate because 90 percent of the time everyone would be muted. I dont want to quit the game because of the community, because the game itself is really great, the community is just holding it back...
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