14 day ban for one urf game - is riots punishment system unjust? [proof inside]

A few days ago, I had played a game of Yasuo in URF. Given Yasuo's AP scaling on his E (and how quick it is to recharge), I figured it would be fun to try it out. Long story short, one player on our team decided I should be reported (see screenshot '[A](https://gyazo.com/45bd24c04751fe81df7004f7aa5ad2af)')'. Now, my account has never had a SINGLE infraction. No chat bans, no previous bans, nothing. I was then issued a 14 ban for 'intentionally feeding’ (within 12 hours of the game in question), for this SINGLE game in URF! (see screenshots '[B](https://gyazo.com/611ff2a75970c24a5280d7b1757309fa) / [C](https://gyazo.com/c7a155b39dbddd33f4680313a23272bd)')'. On to the main issue (the ban itself is a moot point), I contacted Riot support on twitter, only to be told that the account had been 'manually audited', which struck me as strange and with some foul play at hand. (see screenshot '[D](https://gyazo.com/2c62a4039d63745d77306f995ea39c38?fbclid=IwAR0AouzHWu4wfq6bpVB802qKC-OZpIqlj7fDVKWR4zFFX-Q5-3DoFbOegAE)')'After finally receiving a reply from Riot ticket support service, I was informed that my playstyle of going in 'solo against four enemies or tower diving' was worthy of a 14 day ban (see screenshot '[E](https://gyazo.com/dcd089153195b3a951d5ff1a6fa5e9b4)')'. Even in this wording Riot are saying they don't believe I was actually trolling or 'running it down' but instead just 'were not having a good game'. It's URF, I've seen my fair share of 1v5 pentas, cooldowns are so low it's not unlikely to see someone dive into an outnumbered situation, because their defensive cooldowns are so low. To conclude, I will wait out the 14 day ban Riot have given me. However I would like Riot to consider being more lenient in URF modes where high death games are bound to happen with the implementation of the URF fountain cannon combined with the broken kits resulting from URFs inherent imbalance in champions kits. As a community, would we want to see riot be more transparent with how banning works? Obviously only to an extent as to how to insure people cannot abuse a system (in my opinion they already do) it was my understanding that you had to intentionally run it down or intentionally lose the game for your team, I’ve seen players build 6 mobility boots and run down mid lane only to queue up the next game and repeat. It was also my understanding that you would have to hard flame / run it down a few games in a row to receive a 1-7 Day ban not be told by riot that they feel you’re not playing up to par and be given an instant 2 week ban. [Screenshot A - Soraka claiming she will get us banned](https://gyazo.com/45bd24c04751fe81df7004f7aa5ad2af) [Screenshot B - My report card in game](https://gyazo.com/611ff2a75970c24a5280d7b1757309fa) [Screenshot C - Match results](https://gyazo.com/c7a155b39dbddd33f4680313a23272bd) [Screenshot D - Twitter response](https://gyazo.com/2c62a4039d63745d77306f995ea39c38?fbclid=IwAR0AouzHWu4wfq6bpVB802qKC-OZpIqlj7fDVKWR4zFFX-Q5-3DoFbOegAE) [Screenshot E - Riot support response](https://gyazo.com/dcd089153195b3a951d5ff1a6fa5e9b4) Edit: I included stream able links to the entire game so anyone could watch it, but I think they got removed? Either way, if you'd like to watch the game to come to your own conclusion I'll happily provide them if I'm allowed too. Edit2: [youtube video of the game in question](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWQkN3gZ5BQ&feature=youtu.be) I'd like to explain my thought process about the lvl1 by the way. Enemy have 0 cc (expected swain to start Q) E through them all, E towards tower and flash / barrier if needed. But swain caught me with his E and I died.
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