Banned for 14 days

I just can't take it, people make me mad so much during matches that I start being toxic. There are so many inters, afkers, trolls and baiters. I just can't take it when I dominate a laning phase and have my 4 teammates feed the enemy adc and then lose the match because of it. I just can't take it. It's too much of a pressure. I just can't take it when the enemy players try to make me mad in /all chat, I just can't take it when my teammate goes afk and then feeds, I just can't take it when my teammates int and then make me be toxic. There are just too many people that are actively trying to make you be toxic while you're just trying to play the game. Riot should instead of banning people for telling other players "MEAN" things (the worst thing that I told someone is that they're a noob, I never said a single bad word) start banning the ones that are CAUSING others to be toxic. Now that I'm banned I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get permabanned after the ban is over too since I heard it's enough that you're teammates false report you a lot to get you banned. Btw is there any way to drop a punishment after a certain time? So you don't get perma banned 3 months after your 14 day ban is over or something.
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