Stop caring about winning

Just a general advice for my troubled soloq brethren. Stop caring about w/l and focus on polishing your gameplay into perfection. Dont even check your LP after a game. Take pleasure from playing well instead of winning. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. 1 ranked loss is almost nothing in the large scheme of things, but if you let it tilt you for next few games, it can cause a chain reaction that can last even 1 week and pile up more and more losses just becaue you didnt fortify mentally. Also be careful about writing anything into chat. If you have a problem with some of your teammates, intentional feeding is preferable to writing anything negative, you wont get penalized for it. Be always sure to troll instead of flaming in chat. The game will still be lost, but now they are mad instead of you and you dont even get punished, perfect solution. Also you can act like it was your choice to lose (which it was), so you have absolutely no reason to be upset and can start next game with fresh mentality. Now go out there and claim your destiny. This post is super serial.
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