"Ranked Flex = Normal Game" !?

What is wrong with LoL PLayers? 80% of LoL players I play with in Ranked Flex are just not caring about the game. They are picking any Champions for any Role. Supporters dont buy Support-Items they dont ward the bushes, they do not lsiten to calls, they dont care about objectives, etc. . And if they start loosing their lane they just say: "It's only Flex so it's okay. Because Flex Games are basically Normal Games." If I here that sentence.... I wan't to %%%%ing punch that players face so hard he won't be able to play League ever again. Like WTF, if they think that "Flex = Normal" then why they test out new champions and start feeding and trolling (because they can't handle that champion, which they are testing out) in my Ranked Games? Why they dont play Normal Games instead?? I just want to climb in Ranked Flex so that i can play with my friends who are above my league. But as long as there are players(at the mental state of kids, in my opinion) who think they can do whatever they want in Ranked Games, I wont be able to climb anywhere. I don't know what to do against this, but I am sure somebody has a great idea to reduce this problem... TY for reading my post.
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