Questions for french players. This game has caused me "France-phobia". I think that's very sad.

Foreword: Please do not turn this into a boiling kettle of racism or intolerance. That's not my intention with the post, and i will delete it if people start spouting prejudice and hate. Topic: I just realized this morning. I've allways taken pride in seeing myself as a very tolerant person, letting everybody around me be whoever and whatever they feel like without treating them differently for it. Then i queued up for a game, entered a lobby and said hi in chat. I was instantly bombarded with french (apparently a french trio chatting with each other). You know what my first thought was? "Oh shit, they're french. I better dodge." So i did. Then i realized what i'd just done. Without giving them a single chance, without even waiting to see what kind of people they are, i dodged the match because they spoke a language. Because my previous experiences with that language is a constant bombardment of "tg mdr" and what not. Why did this happen? And, asking the french players of the community, why is cursing so extremely common to french players? I have literally not met a single french player that does not flame in french, spamming curse words and insults in their own language without the slightest provocation. Your ally became first blood? Harrassment ensues. Your adc gets first blood? The french support harrasses him for "ks". (This is Plat 4-2.) Why? What is it about the french culture that encourages people to treat each other this way? Are people this aggressive in real life over there as well? Is there perhaps some specific reason so many french players behave this way? Make no mistake, i HAVE met nice french players as well. Usually i dont care where a player is from, what gender they are or what orientation they have. But WHY, WHY do ALL french players **SEEM** to react to anger the exact same way? ANY frustration they feel is immediately vented by showering all players in a game (or their own team, if chat restricted) with hate speech and verbal abuse? (Note: i said SEEM. I KNOW this cant possibly apply to every french player in the world - i'm certain they're just a loud minority. Still, i've experienced it so much over the past five years i've essentially developed a fear of anything related to France - i even talked my family out of going to France for vacation this summer, simply because i feel terrified of being in a country surrounded by people like this - Even though i know, i know its unreasonable, unrealistic and unfair.)

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