Instead of showing skins/mastery and points in loading screen

While in loading screen to game something like this should be "popping" up on screen 1 by 1 slowly : Imagine this with a music in background coming slowly to vision every 10 sec........... 1. "Feeding is not good" 2. "Feed is when you try to 1 v 1 the champ that killed you for the 3rd time in 8 minuttes, and you stil push" 3. "Stop calling your jungler "Piece of S***", and expecting legendary ganks" 4. "You feel you almost never have bad games, but you are constantly on loosing streak, well then the weak link in the team is YOU" 5. "Ward is your friend, Riot even gave you free wards, try it" 6. "We know you think you deserve diamond league, but you have peeked Silver 2 for 5 seasons, use common sense" 7. "Meta champions dosent make you pro in ranked, maybe stick with something you know" 8. "When you are 0-13 and screaming that your support is *shit*, its time to buy new brain from the shop in base" 9. "Screaming shit every 10 sec in chat dosent boost the morale of your team" Last but not less important 10. "If you are Yasou "main", dont play Yasou"
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