Congratulation, you have broken me

I tried to just play and ignore what my "teammates" matter how toxic they are. But it's just not possible. I can't stand actually trying to win while I get flamed and blamed by people feeding like crazy all game long. Last game I was keeping us in an almost lost game for ages just to get flamed like crazy by a spanish premade duo with 28(!) combined death after I refused to suicide when they tried to 2v5 take an inhib. I tried to mute them but I'm just not strong enough to play this game with this community. I snapped back at them and tilted way more than I could ever imagine myself tilt. This game has just broken me, I don't want to be mature and mute them anymore. I want to insult them until even a professional torturer would be ashamed just from reading the chat. I want to hire professional linguists just to invite new insults. Instead I threw around untargeted insults on boards just to shame delete them afterwards because I actually care if I get banned ingame. But I just can't stand the bullshit anymore, I'm still so incredibly pissed of and angry
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