Rito tribunal peoples. Do me a favor and have a chat with this young man. Convince him to reform.

http://imgur.com/Py0eeNd http://imgur.com/KmX1QDe http://imgur.com/bCoW9hg http://imgur.com/kWHrEvr http://imgur.com/jn8xlMb So, I was just having a nice game - during which this young man was on the opposite team as Ez and their Elise forgot smite. So he was flaming her after his first death, having a few laughs at her expense - you know, casual flamerino things. After a while he became slightly annoying at which point I asked him, "Ez, what happened to make you such a salty dawg?" He replied something about his shitty support and jungler. Time went on, he started flaming his top or something and saying something about mothers dying of cancer and I responded with, "Ez, don't be such a salty sea dog. Just have some fun. It's a game." He responded with the only appropriate thing to say, "i hope your mom dies of cancer" at which point I started to ignore him and he continued to harass me, adding me after the game to have this beautiful and intellectually stimulating conversation with me. If this is deemed punishable I will PM or whatever private message thingy I can do to an tribunal person (given he can prove me to me he is an Riot Employee and I know you'll never ask my password, don't worry). Best of regards, Tim.
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